Between ensuring we have a positive impact on our local communities to creating a cleaner world, our focus is always on community and the environment.


Ancor has a rich history of giving back to the community. Our team takes great pride in helping local organizations with our time, talent, and donations. We focus resources on quarterly initiatives that positively impact our local communities. As a company, we are committed to giving back to the community and spreading goodwill throughout our organization.

Some of our many initiatives include:

  • Urban Farming Planting & Harvesting
  • Haven House Gift Donation
  • Salvation Army
  • Animal Shelter Donations
  • Common Ground


Why just be green when you can be good and green!

Ancor takes our environmental footprint very seriously. To demonstrate our commitment to mitigate our negative impact on the environment, we have implemented and registered to the international Environmental Management System of ISO 14001.

Within the framework of ISO 14001, we have developed measurable objectives to monitor our waste streams and manage improvement programs to mitigate our impact, locally, regionally and globally through our purchases, vendors and customers.

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