Our fulfillment and mail services are always accurate, efficient and on time. A missed drop date is not an option for our customers’ programs.

Core Fulfillment Services

For more than three decades, companies have trusted and relied on Ancor for fulfillment, packaging and mailing needs. Ancor prepares millions of time sensitive and government regulated materials each and every month. Our fulfillment and mail services are always accurate, efficient and on time. A missed drop date is not an option for our customers’ programs.

Our customers count on us each day to produce accurate materials using the most advanced inserting equipment and mail processing techniques. Documents are placed in the correct packaging envelope and sent according to specification.

Ancor offers maximum postage efficiencies with CASS certification, NCOA, IMB Tracing/Confirmation. Our inventory management and warehousing also come with online reporting.


Ancor has developed a customized kitting process for VIN specific labels. We inspect label material, sort, verify and insert labels into packaging in a specified sequence to increase efficiency of the final assembly process. Ancor works with various material substrates and sizes to create a seamless package that is easily used by the end user. Our process helps streamline manufacturing and assembly activities, resulting in cost savings from reduced material handling, space requirements and congestion with ease-of-use at the point of consumption.



Selective Inserting

Also known as intelligent inserting, Ancor’s automated inserting equipment provides you with the highest level of speed and accuracy in the industry today. We offer multiple pocket inserters with inline folding, collating, metering, sealing and sorting. Ancor also has the ability to customize your mailings to fit your specific needs. We can add selective inserts to target specific customers, include an announcement, or omit content for certain packages. Intelligent inserting saves our customers money, effort and time while minimizing mistakes.

Maximum Postage Efficiencies

We take advantage of today’s most advanced technologies that earn you the maximum postal discounts through postal presorting, CASS certification, NCOA and IMB Tracing/Confirmation. All our software is certified by the United State Postal Service to take advantage of all the latest USPS postal regulations. Our technology also identifies duplicate addresses and eliminates mailing multiple pieces to the same person. This enhances each customer’s marketing message, while saving unnecessary printing and mailing expenses.



Inventory Management

Ancor will purchase and then store your materials in order to provide uninterrupted production. We use inventory software, barcode scanners, barcode printers and mobile devices to streamline the management of your inventory in order to provide efficiency and minimize or mitigate inventory stock issues.

Multi-Level Verification Processing

Ancor incorporates a multi-level verification process to ensure that the data you send gets printed and packaged in the way your materials are required to be.

Our Multi-Level Verification Process includes:

  • Data Integrity. Ancor has checks and balances in place so that the data sent is what is intended to print.
  • Print Quality. Ancor has multiple sets of eyes that verify the print and label material conditions before it reaches the package.
  • Package Integrity. Ancor’s team specializes in the kitting and delivery of VIN Specific labels in build sequence order.
  • Traceability. Ancor is able to verify the individual kit contents, as well as which box it is delivered in.
  • WEBVIEW™. WEBVIEW™ allows the user to verify and audit labels after processing. Labels are presented in PDF format and can be viewed from any device.

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