Rethink the standard Monroney sticker with an output that can excite and energize your customers.

The MONRONEYPLUSTM sticker from Ancor takes the traditional Monroney sticker and adds an extra layer of visually appealing graphics to help excite and energize your customers.

Powered by Ancor’s more than 30 years as the leading Tier 1 automotive supplier of data management and VIN-specific labels, the MONRONEYPLUS sticker leverages Ancor’s expertise in understanding the federal requirements of the Monroney sticker and transforms a static label into a dynamic selling tool. Sticker customization options include: photos, color, logos, taglines and other vehicle branding materials.

What is a Monroney sticker?

U.S. law requires a window sticker, commonly referred to as a Monroney sticker, to be displayed on all new cars. These stickers contain mandatory information about the car, including:

  • Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP)
  • Engine and transmission specifications
  • Standard equipment and warranties
  • Optional equipment and pricing
  • Fuel economy ratings
Standard Monroney Sticker

Why settle for a plain sticker with no style?

Ancor’s MONRONEYPLUS sticker allows you to create an output that is customized to the vehicle’s brand and is visually appealing to your customers, while still ensuring that federally mandated information is included on the stickers.

Learn more about how MONRONEYPLUS stickers from Ancor can help your company.

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