A fully mobile, standalone scanning application that can help with product recalls/avoiding recalls, parts replacement, vehicle rework, and part tracking (country of origin).

DtaCORTM is a fully mobile, standalone scanning application used to collect, report and validate your company’s data from multiple input sources. The result is a more accurate, efficient and effective data management process.

Powered by Ancor’s more than 30 years as the leading Tier 1 automotive supplier of data management and VIN-specific label design and production, DtaCOR is the latest technological development that delivers a turnkey and highly customizable processing solution to fit your specific requirements.



As a fully mobile and self-contained application, DtaCor provides unmatched flexibility when it comes to scanning, collecting and compiling data. It is also highly customizable, offering the ability to create tailored outputs.

For companies that want network connectivity, a browser-based option of the application is available that allows for multiple scanners to be utilized remotely on the same network.


DtaCOR is a digitally integrated system, which means no more notetaking or manual data input. This leads to improved efficiency and accuracy for your operations. Additionally, the application is backed by Ancor’s underlying commitment to data integrity, security and a disciplined quality control process that is proven by providing customers years of zero external defects and secure data management.


Once the data is scanned and compiled, it is seamlessly input into a fully navigable database. There is no limit on how far back the user can search, and any subset of data can be quickly retrieved with DtaCOR’s easy-to-use search.

Potential Applications

  • Product recalls/avoiding recalls
  • Parts replacement
  • Vehicle rework
  • Part tracking (country of origin)

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