The automotive industry is evolving, getting increasingly more complex. Vehicle labeling plans don’t need to be.

And that’s not just from a technology standpoint – in 2006, there were 13 OEMs; in 2026, it’s estimated there will be 23. Also, we are seeing a significant shift in powertrains – in 2017, there were 18 battery electric vehicle (BEV) nameplates; in 2026, that number is expected to jump to 133. 

This means more automakers developing vehicles with complex systems. And since many are new manufacturers, they lack the experience and knowledge of processes and standards, including new vehicle labeling plans. These automakers are going to need to heavily rely on suppliers to successfully launch vehicles in the U.S. 

Did you know a vehicle can’t be shipped without the government-mandated labels

So, OEMs are going to need a sound vehicle labeling plan that includes: 

The required labels on a vehicle include, Booklet, Retail, Ramp, Export Fuel Economy, Bumper, Tread, Manufacturing (MFG) Plate and Certification. These labels contain important vehicle details – make and model, VIN, fuel economy, safety rating, MSRP – that are used by consumers when making a purchase decision. 

For electric vehicles, including BEVs, required labels include MPGe (a miles-per-gallon equivalent created by the EPA) for city, highway and combined city/highway; kilowatt-hours of electricity required to operate the vehicle for 100 miles; an estimate of cost savings over a five-year period compared to owning a gas-powered vehicle rated at 27 mpg; the average number of miles the vehicle can operate on a charge; and more. 

Like we said, it’s complex. 

That’s where Ancor can help. 

We understand the complexity and ins and outs of vehicle labeling – ensuring the right label with the right data goes in the right location. For more than three decades, we have helped clients save time, money and valuable resources by delivering VIN-specific automotive labels with speed, quality and efficiency. We produce over 3 million flawless automotive label packages every single year and are constantly evaluating and investing in our training, software, equipment and systems.

Contact us to learn more about our vehicle labeling services and how we can be your single source for all your vehicle label needs. 

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