Some car owners have a special relationship with their car, going so far as to name it. For Ford Mustang owners, specifically enthusiasts, they see their Mustang as more than just a means of transportation. There’s a special passion Mustang owners have to know more about their car and even their cars relationship to other Mustangs – production year, color, interior, performance package, etc. 

That’s where the Mustang Owner’s Museum in Concord, North Carolina, can help. The museum has 25 Mustangs on display, features various exhibits, hosts a podcast for Mustang owners, offers Mustang merchandise and more. Recently, we partnered with the museum to provide owners of Mustangs (2008-present) the opportunity to print a copy of their vehicle’s original factory window sticker. Why us? Because we provide 6-7 VIN-specific labels for every Mustang that is produced.

A kiosk at the museum allows a Mustang owner to enter the VIN and within a few minutes, have a replica of the actual window sticker that was on their vehicle when it was released from the assembly plant. The Mustang vehicle owner can go home with a window sticker that mirrors the original one, down to the fonts used, that was on their Mustang when it rolled off the assembly line.

If a Mustang owner is looking for additional information on their vehicle, or if they own a Mustang from before 2008, they can get their window sticker and a Marti Report from Marti Auto Works. This is the only licensee to Ford Motor Company’s production database for 1967-2017 model years. And, they provide owners of any Ford brand vehicle – Ford, Lincoln, Mercury – reproduction parts, NOS parts, window stickers, original invoices, replacement tags and books and more. 

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